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I’ve been thinking about the totk spirit dragon AU and I have some more thoughts about the champions.

When their spirits first come back in the past of course Link is over whelmed and there is a cute reunion but there’s a bigger roll at play.

With them Link is a walking mini battalion five warriors all of different races and all at the top of their skills. And they have to travel together. This makes Link Ganondorf number one problem. But we will get there in a second.

Once Link is at the castle and getting to know Rauru, Sonia and Mineru he starts learning about his powers.

I think the first time he summons the champions he tries to keep them with him for as long as possible and ends up passing out from exhaustion. He’s not used to using these powers. To Rauru and Sonia they are walking this strange boy and his four spirit guards to the castle and the next to boy is dropping to the ground. The spirits reach for him but dissipate as he goes down.

When he wakes in the castle he immediately looks around for the champions. Mineru and Sonia have to talk him down and explain that he has to practice his powers.

Through out his stay with them Link starts to master his new abilities able to keep the champions around for longer and longer periods. Keeping all four out is draining but keeping one out becomes a healthy exercise. The champions take turns being with Link. The don’t want to leave him alone in this new world they have all found themselves in. And while they would all prefer to be out they don’t want to make Link pass out again. If he passes out no one can watch over him.

Slowly he learns how to make the champions physical. It takes a lot of training with Mineru and Sonia. (She might not share his powers but she is to much of a mom not to be around encouraging him)

When Ganondorf launches his first attack on the kingdom Link is able to not only change his spirit powers to Rauru but also the powers of the champions which is what leads to Rauru’s light blast being so powerful.

After the first attack and Ganondorf swearing “loyalty” to the king Rauru knows he needs to talk to the leaders of the other races. He gathers the future sages and asks them to train with Link. At first this confuses the future sages. How would they train a hylian in the ways of their people? Until Link release the champion.

I think this would happen one at a time. Link would go to train with the Rito sage (I’m going to call them Medoh) and at first Medoh is super confused why the king sent this little hylian to train with him. He’s also a little offended think that the king believes anyone can achieve the Rito’s command over the wind. Until Link summons Revali. There has never been a bigger ego contest in the history of hyrule then champion Revali (who taught himself mastery of the winds) and Medoh great warrior future sage and control of the winds through birth right. Eventually they realize they have a lot to learn from each other. Revali gains better to control of the winds and Medoh learns archery techniques from Revali.

They go until Link can’t keep the connection up and Revali’s now drops from his hand as he is nothing more then a spirit now. (They have been at it from dawn to dusk Link is exhausted) He flys back down to Link and tells Medoh they will pick up another day before waving over whatever guards Rauru sent along to help Link return to where they are staying (a roost in Rito village, a stable, or the castle itself.

As the leave Medoh realizes what this was. It wasn’t just training for him and the spirit Rito. It was training to see how long Link can hold his projections. Every move Revali made every time he used his powers drained Link. They were training Link’s endurance.

With each training Link becomes stronger.

He meets with the Gordon sage (we’ll call them Rudania) at first Rudania is conserved for this little hylian and how he’s suppose to train him. Then Link arrives waves in creating and without a word summons Daruk. It is the Broiest Bros to ever Bro. Rudania and Daruk get along like a house on fire. (The might also accidentally set a house on fire) they are having a great time. Rudania learns Daruk’s shielding ability and Daruk gains some skill is creating fire. They walk everywhere instead of rolling because Daruk wants to carry Link up on his shoulder. He knows how hard the kid is working to bring them back and doesn’t want to over work his friend again.

Eventually they have to stop. Link can only take so much but it’s been hours but Daruk knows link needs to rest especially when he starts flickering in and out of existence. He wishes he had noticed Link’s exhaustion sooner.

Training with the Zora is different the Zora sage (Ruta) is a master of combat abilities when it comes to water. Far more so then Mipha or Sidon. Yet she has very little skill in healing. When link arrives Ruta assumed that this would be straight combat training, when Link arrives and summons Mipha she is stunned. They explain it’s actually Mipha that Ruta will be training with.

The two Zora’s start their combat training. Mipha is holding her own in the beginning but it is getting progressively harder to block the other zora’s aggressive strikes. Ruta is frustrated. She was told she would be trading the little prince. The people of hyrule had watched Sonia’s young ‘cousin’ arrive from no where and instantly get adopted by not just the royal couple but also the king’s sister. Ruta thought she would finally see what was so impressive about their new prince. And in away she had. He somehow had a Zora spirit tied to him. How is that possible? Why would a young Zora like Mipha tie her soul to this hylian after her passing. The whole situation is weird and Ruta wants to know what this Hylian can really do.

So on her next attack on Mipha she fakes striking from the left only to jet herself to the right. She uses the water to launch herself at Link. She knows she caught him unprepared so this should be and easy hit. She wasn’t going to kill him. Just knock him down. But Link’s sword is out faster then she can blink and blocking her strike. Well almost she nicks his arm. The guards watching over this start to rush over but Link calls them off. The attack wasn’t meant to kill him.

Mipha rushes over to join them and Ruta gets ya ask her questions about the two of them. The explain as best they can. They grew up together. Mipha lost her life to a dark creature. Link had freed her spirit and she had stayed with him ever since. Ruta still doesn’t get it until she sees Mipha healing Link’s arm. Zora healing magic is special and normally fueled by love. No matter what kind of love there is between the two Mipha cares for Link dearly.

The continue their training Mipha learning combat skills from Ruta and Ruta learning some healing tricks from Mipha. They do have to stop earlier then the others. Link wasted energy fighting Ruta so their first training was cut short.

When the ides of training with the future sages came up Urbosa was hesitant. She asked that training with the gerudos be delayed as she wished to observe them more. Rauru agrees with her. They had to be carful of who they picked to train with Urbosa. And Urbosa knows just how loyal her people are to their chief.

It isn’t until the future sage (naboris) reach’s out to King Rauru that Urbosa decides to meet with her. King Rauru invites Naboris to come and meet him at the castle. Link is with him when she arrives. The conversation is stilted at first, Naboris knows her chief is in the wrong but how does she communicate that to the king? Can the king be trusted?

After dancing around the topic for a while Urbosa finally appears. She had been listening the whole time but was waiting until the right time to step forward. She understands the tough spot Naboris is in. But they need to stand against Ganondorf. Once she makes this decision there can be no wavering.

The two Gerudo women get along well after that. Training is an even back and forth. Both women are equally skilled with weapons and lighting and just push each other to further mastery. Urbosa also help Naboris plan for what is to come next. After Ganondorf is gone someone has to lead the Gerudo people, she is helping Naboris plan for that future.

The champions and sages train together many times each time strengthening themselves while also building up Link’s power.

Link has grown a lot. He trains with Mineru, Sonia, and Rauru, as well as the training with the sages. Pretty soon he can keep on champion in a corporal form all day with out a struggle, then two. He could also summon all four in a battle but if he substantiated a serious injury then his powers would falter.

Rauru trust Link. Not only because of his skill but his willingness to help everyone around him. His compassion and service to the people is obvious. He can also tell that Link is used to protecting and guarding people. When Ganondorf arrived at the castle Rauru asked Link a favor. Rauru and Mineru were close to untouchable but Sonia and Link were not. Rauru asked Link to watch over Sonia. Partially to protect his wife but also to protect Link. If the two were ever attacked he hoped that Link, Sonia and the champions could handle what ever it was until he arrived.

Which leads us to Ganondorf’s attack on Sonia.

#dragon link | wild-dagon (2024)


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