11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (2024)

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By Starla Gatson

Last updated: December 17, 2021

When it comes to crafting cups of coffee that really stand out, Spain is a country that can get the job done. In addition to a hefty kick of caffeine, Spanish coffee is known for providing bold and rich flavors that will no doubt warm you from the inside out…or cool you down quickly, if you prefer your joe over ice.

There are countless variations of Spanish brew floating around, and fortunately for you, we’ve sifted through them so you don’t have to. Below are some of our favorite twists on the classic Spanish coffee drink. If you want to do a bit of experimenting and switch up your routine, we’re certain there’s a recipe that’s right for you.


11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (2)

Spanish Coffee co*cktail

Who says you can only enjoy rich, dark coffee in the morning? Our own Spanish coffee co*cktail recipe uses a bit of rum, triple sec, and Kahlua to give our favorite caffeinated beverage a grown-up twist and some Spanish flair, making it the perfect post-dinner nightcap!


11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (3)

Sweetened Spanish Latte

If you’re looking for your latest coffee obsession, this sweet Spanish latte is it! It only takes three simple ingredients (all of which you probably already have in your kitchen) and just a few minutes to whip up this Spain-born coffee drink, so what are you waiting for?

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11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (4)

Spanish Coffee with Brandy co*cktail

Photo Credit:creative-culinary.com

You already know that holding a mug filled with piping hot coffee is a great way to heat yourself from the inside out on a chilly evening. But did you know that pouring a few ounces of brandy in your cup makes things a little bit warmer and a whole lot more fun? This spiked Spanish coffee recipe brings the brown beverages together beautifully, and we’re willing to bet that once you’ve tried it for yourself, it’ll quickly become your go-to wind-down drink.


11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (5)

Iced Caramel Spanish Latte

Photo Credit:www.youtube.com

If you prefer to get your caffeine kick from sweet coffee drinks, you’ll go crazy for this iced caramel Spanish latte recipe. It’s part caramel macchiato, part Spanish latte, and all delicious! Fire up your espresso maker, pull the ice tray out of the freezer, and prepare to meet your beverage of the summer.


11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (6)

Spanish Bombón Coffee

Photo Credit:www.youtube.com

Dreaming of a Spanish vacation? We feel that. Maybe you can’t jump on a plane and head to Valencia right this second, but you can head to your kitchen and make Spanish bombón coffee. This drink will give you a sweet enough taste of the country and its culture to hold you over until you can visit.


11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (7)

Iced Spanish Latte

Photo Credit:www.youtube.com

Iced coffee lovers, rejoice! This variation of the classic Spanish latte is just for you. It’s the same sweet espresso, milk, and condensed milk combo the drink is known for, just served over ice — perfect for sipping in the summertime.


11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (8)

Traditional Spanish Carajillo

Photo Credit:www.youtube.com

The next time you find yourself searching for the latest addition to your co*cktail menu, consider the carajillo. You don’t even need to be a super-skilled bartender or barista to get this drink in your cup; all you have to do is love coffee, be old enough to consume alcohol (sorry, Roasty readers under 21), and follow this recipe!


11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (9)

Homemade Iced Spanish Latte

Photo Credit:www.youtube.com

Now, you might think you need a fancy-schmancy espresso machine at your disposal to pull the strong espresso shot necessary for a good Spanish latte. This recipe, however, proves that’s not the case and gives you step-by-step instructions for making this drink with an AeroPress. The use of that nifty little brewing gadget means you can even enjoy this classic Spanish coffee concoction when you’re away from home...sounds perfect, right?


11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (10)

Traditional Spanish Coffee

Photo Credit:www.youtube.com

What if we said you can hone your bartending skills and get your daily coffee fix all at the same time? You can! Just make yourself a traditional Spanish coffee — it’s the best of both worlds! Check out this video to find out how it’s done!


11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (11)

Spanish Coffee with Shaken Cream

Photo Credit:www.youtube.com

Everything’s better with a dollop of sweet whipped cream, and this Spanish coffee recipe is proof. Sipping one of these bad boys is so much like enjoying dessert in a cup that you’ll be whipping them up for you and all your friends after every dinner gathering; just follow this recipe, and you’ll have boozy, creamy coffee in no time!


11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (12)

Iced Spanish Latte Coffee

Photo Credit:www.youtube.com

We all love a mug full of piping hot coffee, don’t we? Of course, we do! But when the sun’s beating down and the heat index is rapidly approaching triple digits...well, that hot joe isn’t exactly going to do the trick. That’s where this iced Spanish latte recipe comes in! A bit of vanilla sets this one apart from other recipes, so if you like an extra bit of sweet flavor in your cup, you’re going to want to try this!

Happy Caffeinating!

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11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (13)
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11 Decadent Spanish Coffee Recipes To Create Tonight (2024)


What is a Spanish coffee called? ›

The most popular Spanish coffee drink is the café con leche, made with half espresso and half milk. Other common options are café solo (black coffee; a straight shot of espresso with no milk) as well as café cortado (espresso with just a splash of milk).

How to make luxury coffee at home? ›

Follow these steps to make your own gourmet coffee at home:
  1. Buy whole bean coffee. When it comes to coffee, it's OK to splurge. ...
  2. Invest in a scale. ...
  3. Grind only what you need. ...
  4. Store coffee in a ceramic canister. ...
  5. Use filtered water. ...
  6. Brewing methods matter. ...
  7. Clean your coffeemaker often. ...
  8. Know your coffee bean.

What is coffee with milk in Spanish? ›

Café con leche is considered a breakfast drink in many countries that serve it. Because of the milk, it is heavier and more filling than coffee drinks.

What is a flat white in Spain? ›

Cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites aren't available here (save in well-known coffee shop chains). When you order coffee in Spain, the barista will take a cup of espresso and add milk to your preference. They are not going to add any sugar. Instead, you'll get sugar packets to put in your coffee yourself.

Why is it called a Spanish coffee? ›

Named after the long pour favored by Spanish waiters and bartenders when serving Txakoli wine (and you thought the name was just an ironic Portlandia thing), a true Spanish Coffee is a spectacle. The bartender or server begins with a sugar-rimmed glass containing 151-proof rum, which they then light on fire.

What is coffee called in Mexico? ›

If you've studied the colors in Spanish, then you already know how to say coffee in Spanish: café. Yep, just like the color brown, coffee in Spanish is just café.

Which is most expensive coffee in the world? ›

WHAT IS KOPI LUWAK? Kopi Luwak is the world's most exclusive (and most expensive) coffee. The main factor of its high price is the uncommon method of production. It is produced from coffee beans which have been partially digested by the Indonesian palm civet and then excreted.

How do you make coffee taste rich? ›

Immersion brewers like the french press make robust, full-flavored coffee. The coffee grounds and water sit together for 2-4 minutes, which infuses a rich flavor you'll never get from an auto coffee pot. Pour over brewers like the Chemex make a cleaner, crisper, more nuanced coffee.

What is the best coffee in the world? ›

The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is often regarded as the best coffee in the world. It is exclusively exported by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, which ensures that anything that sells under that name only comes from the legally designated growing area within Jamaica, also known as the Blue Mountains.

Why is Spanish coffee so good? ›

The Spanish coffee roast

The Spanish roast is perhaps one of the darkest and strongest on the market. Known as Spanish Roast or Dark French Roast, the roast process yields very dark (almost black) beans which are oily in appearance. And, when brewed, the beans produce a very strong, almost charred taste.

What is a Spanish latte called? ›

A Spanish latte, also called a Café con Leche is typically enjoyed with breakfast in Spain. Unlike a traditional latte consisting of one part espresso and two parts steamed milk, a Spanish latte is made with one part espresso, one part milk, and one part condensed milk.

What is coffee with condensed milk called in Spain? ›

Café bombón: Espresso with sweetened condensed milk. An especially great choice for those with a sweet tooth!

What is Cafe Bombon in Spain? ›

The café bombón is a sweet sensory experience and is traditional in the Spanish Levante region. This is the result of mixing the intense flavour of coffee with the sweetness and creaminess of condensed milk.

What is a small Spanish coffee called? ›

In Spain a café solo corto is a small amount of black coffee (usually a single shot of espresso), while a café cortado or more commonly just a cortado is an espresso with a splash of milk. The term cortado is itself broadly associated with various coffee or espresso beverages having been "cut" with milk.

How do you politely order coffee in Spanish? ›

Un café, por favor. A coffee, please. ¿Me da un café, por favor?

What is a Spanish iced coffee called? ›

Café del Tiempo is a Spanish iced coffee

You just need to order the coffee you want and add the words “del Tiempo” and you will get a glass of ice with your coffee. Sometimes this is also served with a slice of lemon in it.


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